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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chymera ONE

Chymera ONE,  is a perfect home for any Sims who wants to lead a single life, but also good for a small family! With a large kitchen, nice dining room with fireplace, large living room with fireplace to welcome your visits, gym, large outdoor area with barbecue and Poolside, 1 bath, i suite for visitors, and a master suite so complete, that perhaps your sim will not want to leave the room.

Lot Size


Chymera One:

Cars are not included except the 1960 Chevy Corvette!
by freshprincecreations

*Requires Late Night EP
This house was furnished and decorated with some Custom Contents
included on the following sets:

-Living Room Brucke Set by Pilar:
-Fortunella living rug
Modern Fireplace Set by
-Style Dining set by
-Kitchen Set Micron by Mensure TSR
-Udden Kitchen (Decos)
-Ann’s Office 3 By Magic down TSR
-Modern Window by
-Fimbo Vases by Roan_ TSR
-Sunny Outdoor Set by
-Master Bedroom
Budapest living Set by simpossible
-Dream Bedroom Set by simpossible
-Home Theater Set by Mensure TSR
-BudapestLiving Set at Simpossible
-Master bedroom Coset Walk in wardrobe cornersystem By  ruhrpottbobo  TSR
MB-HungWindow2 by MotomiBotaki TSR
-Pulp Pintures on Pulp Set by MangoSims
-Douche and Door on set apensanteur by mango sims
-Parking Space Garage
-Car Lot by MuicKo
-Sims3D Emilia Chamine - Kitchen set Emilia
-bath orleander set + Oxygen Bathroom by (2 dif Sets in master bathroom)
-Modern Windows
-Modern Line Two Tile Doors
-11 Dots Laurana Build Set (fences)
-Apple Macbook Pro
-Modern Wall Arts series 4
-Monika Bedroom (sculpture )
-Basic Windows and Door Set by Einfachsimlisch
-Recording Studio (Lamp)
-Plant Canary date Spread Out leaves
-Scania Build Set Part 2
-SDS Single Door
-Window 2x1 Full
- Set Julo (Mirror)
Wine Holder – Bread Box – Knives holder by Stylst Sims
Vase and dresser  by Stylist Sims

the credits goes for all this amazing artists that created it!

Thnx very much !!!

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