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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Modern Beach House

Sencond house!

This is a "small", but modern beach house!

living room with fireplace, kitchen and dining, 1 bath, 2 suites, 1 master suite with large balcony, pool and 3-4 garage bays.
the decoration is based on a simple home for vacation or holidays
hope you like it!

The blog is under construction, all homes will be available for download soon!
Follow the blog and stay tuned!

Outside View

Ground Floor

First Floor
 Suite 1

 Suite 2

Second Floor - Master Suite

view from the first bedroom

C ya!


  1. hello!
    i really love this house and i would like to download it for my game!
    what do i have to do?
    thank you in advance,

  2. eeeyyy yooo!!!!my men!!!!

    u´r houses are great!!!! when can i download someone???


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