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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Magnata Palace Available 4 Download, now 4 EVERYONE!

Simply, a Dream Mansion!
With Living Room, Tv Room, Complete Kitchen, Dining Room, Study Room, 1 Full Bath,
1 Master Bedroom with whirlpool, 4 Bedrooms,Gym, Outdoor Living
with an amazing stylish pool,
Fireplaces in, Living, Dining and Master Bedroom.
Now, the dreams of your Sim will come true!
Thank you very much, for follow the blog!

Note: I really want to thank every Simmer who visits this blog, every Simmer who follows this blog and every Simmer who likes the page on Facebook!
this really represents to much for me!
So, now i'm just sharing Magnata Palace with everyone who wants to download it! 

Thank you so much, Simmers! ^^

Lot Size


Magnata Palace:

This house was furnished and decorated with some Custom Contents
included on the following sets:

-Modern Windows
-Modern Window by
MB-HungWindow2 by MotomiBotaki TSR
-Plant Canary Island Date Palm:
-Plant Canary date Spread Out leaves
-Car Lot by MuicKo
-Modern Line Two Tile Doors
-Basic Windows and Door Set by Einfachsimlisch
-Recording Studio (Lamp)
-Scania Build Set Part 2
-Window 2x1 Full
-11 Dots Laurana Build Set (fences)


Stylist Sims Outdoor 01
-Sunny Outdoor Set by

Moderno Office set by Simpossible
Stylist Sims Office Shelving/Canvas Deco
Dormitorio Hera (Vase) by Mussa Sims
Painting Panomramico from Brucke Set by
Pilar TSR

Comedor Catellan By Mussa Sims
Modern Fireplace by Simpossible
Moderno wall deco (Moderno office set by Simpossible)

-Kitchen Set Micron by Mensure TSR
-Udden Kitchen (Decos)
-Ann’s Office 3 By Magic down TSR
-Sims3D Emilia Chamine - Kitchen set Emilia
-Master Bedroon:
- Bedroom Vesta by Pilar
-Dream Bedroom Set by simpossible (Table Lamps n glass pics)
 Closet Walk in wardrobe cornersystem By  ruhrpottbobo  TSR
Chair Living by Helen
Modern Fireplace by Simpossible
Painting Panomramico from Brucke Set by
Pilar TSR
Solice Plant
Living Room set “Solice” by Helen
-bath orleander set + Oxygen Bathroom by (2 dif Sets in master bathroom)

Bedroom  1:
Reflect sets by Pilar (couple n single)

Cars are not included on File
You can download the best cars at Fresh-Prince Creations
the credits goes for all this amazing artists that created it!


  1. Mark, just follow the blog, i will send you the links, thank u!

  2. I want this..I had became the follower of this blog already...hope you send me the link to download this awesome house...

  3. Hi Foo, thank you very much for follow the blog!
    i already sent a message with the links for you, contact me again if you have any problem ok!
    Thnak U

  4. Honestly I very like you house. but I would like to clone the wall painting but I cant even found it in build mode..

  5. Ok, Foo!
    some of paintings I used is on repaiting tool, you just need to select the repainting tool, click on the wall or any thing you wanna change and you can find it navigating through all options to find the painting! =]
    thnks 4 asking, feel free to contactme any time you need!

  6. Thank you..Hope you will come out more and more awesome house..

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hello I had became the follower of this blog already and I really hope you can send me the link to download this home. thnks

  9. Hi angOliv, the links are above the Slideshow, you can click on .sims3pack or .rar icons, just choose wht you prefer...however i'll let here too

    download as .rar:
    or .sims3pack:

    Thank U very much

  10. When i install,the game says:check your game version. Why write this?

  11. Nice question Martin!
    Unfortunately, a lot simmers have this problem, not only with my houses but with the most different contents even with the Exchange contents, I've created 2 notes with possible ways to fix that, if you want to try, is on my official Facebook page :
    I posted all the original tutorial links in these notes too, one of my fans got succeed to fix this issue you can check it here :​ouses4sims/posts/238270836​204514?notif_t=feed_commen​t
    hope it works for you too...but I'm still looking for a definitive solution
    thank you very much!

  12. I deleted the version.tag file, but the game says: check your game version. I giving :S
    But this house is so beautiful, to all other :D.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hi Martin...have you tried the "Clean Boot" too?
    if not, here is a tutorial:
    I'm still looking for more solutions, because unfortunately I didn't find any other definitive yet...some simmers are getting succeed, others not...but I want that everyone who likes my houses could have fun with them too...
    Thank you very much...

  15. Hy. I found a working trick, how to install these beatiful houses. Use the 3Viever. It's working :D

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I love your houses and would love to be able to download them...I have been trying to download this one, but have been unable to make it work...I would really appreciate any suggestions you may have...have a great weekend! always, INSATIABLE

  18. i would like to download this house. I've followed this blog =)


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