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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Parthenon (Available)

How big is the dream of your Sim? Parthenon is bigger than it! A Big mansion for your Sim family, TV room with fireplace, living room, modern kitchen, dining room with fireplace,1.5 Bath , 4 bedrooms (all en-suite),1 Master bedroom, Gym, large swimming pool and 9-car garage! In this mansion, your Sim will always dream higher than any other Sim around the city!

Lot Size


All Custom Content used to build, furnish and decorate:'The credits goes for all the amazing artists who created them!'

Plants & Decos:
-Dos Jarrones by Pilar

Tv Room:

Living room:

Dining Room:
-Style Dinning Set By Simpossible
-Set Bijou (Lustre) By Mango Sims

-Udden Kitchen by Desdren
- Kitchen set Emilia (Chamine) By Sims3D

Boy Bedroom:
- Study Papiro (Chairs) by Pilar
Girl Bedroom 1
-Teen Room Foose by Feilchen S3M

Girl Bedroom 2
-Dormitorio Grace by Breeze Sims 3
-Tarta de Fresa (Decos) by Pilar

Butler Bedroom
Hemnes Bedroom by Einfach Simlish
-Bedroom set (Table Lamp)By Helen

All 2nd floor Bath Rooms:
- Bilbao (Wall Deco) by Pilar
-Amour (Bath tube) by Pilar

Master Bedroom
-Bed Room Monika By Simmami S3M
Stylist Sims Study ( table deco) by Stylist Sims
-Bedroom set (Wall Painting)By Helen
- Baño Nilo (Decos) By Mussa
-Baño formas (Shower) By Mussa
Baño Hall (Sink / Mirrors / Toilet/ Lamps) By Mussa

A special thanks to all the artist who created all these AMAZING stuff !
Without them this house would never be as it is!
Thank you all!

Cars are not included on File
You can download the best cars at Fresh-Prince Creations

Thank you Simmers!!!

**Note: Until the date on which the post was published on the blog, with links for download the houses, I certify by myself, that all custom content used to furnish and decorate all houses, are totally free downloadable contents!


  1. Wow, your houses are so good, I can tell you put a lot of work into them. I also like the fact that you have a cc list. I can't wait to download some of them!

  2. Thank you so much!
    It's really a lot of work, I love to list the CC, first, to respect the authors, and I want to show to all simmers their works! sometimes, some simmer likes some CC but don't want to download the house, so, they can check the list and download only the CC! =D
    Thank you again Cat! =DD


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