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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Asian Villa

Based on Asian style, this house was built for three young bachelors who need to savor an authentic sushi, a one-story house with basement, 3 master bedrooms, living room with fireplace, TV room, kitchen,  study, ½ bath and swimming pool with deck, roof deck with a fire pit to roast some marshmallows and relax with friends, the basement of this house is a mix of gym and bar with dance floor and a large window overlooking the pool, a perfect space for residents to have a lot of parties, just be careful not to make too much noise, there is a legend that a red dragon sleeps beneath this house!

***I would like to especially thank The Shoveler
Mod The Sims member, who allowed me to convert his creation (Thin Round Column) from '.package' to 'sims3pack' to make it possible to share it along with the house! Without this content, this house would never have the look it has! Thank you so much!

Lot Size


All Custom Content used to build, furnish and decorate:
the credits goes to all amazing artists who created it!

Building Objects
-Rocapo_Rough Tiles V1 By
rocapo TSR
-Mushroom Mosaic By ginebra TSR
-Chic Tiles  by  cazarupt TSR 

-Set Comcept (Couch & Armchairs) by Pilar

Entrance Hall:
Vera by Sims3d
Geisha (Painting) by Ziggy28 TSR
-Kitchen Elsa (Plants & Deco)by Sims3d

Living room:
Tv Room:

Dining Room:
-Style Dinning Set By Simpossible
-Linéaire Living room(Coffee Table) by Desdren
Set Bijou (Magazines deco) by MangoSims
Study Papiro (Wall Painting) by Pilar
Modern Wall Arts series 4 by SimsTR
Living Room 2” (Chair) By Helen
Living Room 02 Calla by Roan_
Set Skate ll (Vase) by Pilar

Bedroom 1:
Bedroom - Asian Touch by dorosimfan1 S3M
Lattice Rug 5x3 By Abuk0 TSR
Panda (Painting)by Ziggy28 TSR
Oriental by (Painting)Ziggy28 TSR
-Goddess (Painting)By Ziggy28 TSR

Bedroom 3:
Bedroom Versatil by Pilar
-MajikGoldys Oriental Rug By
MajikGoldy TSR
Calla Leaf (Painting)By Ziggy28 TSR

All Master Bathrooms:
Pure Bathroom Set  (Sink, Mirror& Toilet) by Simpossible
-Oxygen Bathroom Set (Bathtub & Towels) by Simpossible
-Bathroom Nova (Towel) by Pilar

Half Bath:
Baño Nilo & Bano Hall by Mussa

Barbell, Weight rack & Posters by ATS3

A special thanks to all artists who created all these AMAZING stuff !
Without them this house would never be as it is!
Thank you all!

Cars are not included on File
You can download the best cars at Fresh-Prince Creations

Thank you Simmers!!!

**Note: Until the date on which the post was published on the blog, with links for download the houses, I certify by myself, that all custom content used to furnish and decorate all houses, are totally free downloadable contents!

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